#1 Sales Obstacle

On 4/5, one of our evangelists sent us an email introducing us to a salesperson saying, " I would like to introduce you to a couple people in my network that might be able to help you as they have helped me." The salesperson had a short email exchange with Carole and booked a call for 4/13.
After our call, Carole sent this email.
I hope that you got something from our call today and have been able to process it. 
Rick and I were talking briefly and he wondered if you knew why he asked how old you were. He mentioned that the ones we have seen the best results with are usually between 25-35. But the reason(s) have to do with the phases of life we are in and we are still open to learning new things. We see less of the types of issues described in this post-  recognize any yourself?
Oh, and we also mentioned this post that Rick wrote. If you haven't guessed by now, we practice what we teach...
Any questions for us?
To which he replied....
Hi Carole,

Apologies for the delay in responding, I have went through your articles, specifically the link you gave me about why I'll never get better at selling and two points stick out which will summarize my answer to not move forward at this time.

I do not have a strong follow through when it comes to advice and work my coaches have given me in the past. I don't feel comfortable going into debt to spend thousands of dollars on coaching when I have a history of a lack of follow through with past coaches (I have hired coaches in the past and have follow through on some advice but not all of them). The reason why I have followed through on some things and not others is based on my comfort level (e.g. Do research and preliminary work - I'll do that. Call back a prospect that rejected you - I won't do that).

The goals I mentioned in the call are nice to have goals, but they aren't goals that will motivate me to make sacrifices and commitments to do better.

All that being said I feel it won't be a good use of my money if I'm not going to follow through on all the advice you will give me and it's a waste of your time on your end to coach someone that's not willing to follow through on all the advice you will give me.

This is one of those good news/bad news things.
The good news? Clearly, he's done a lot of soul searching and has identified what's keeping him from being successful and admits it. Often, salespeople won't admit their shortcomings.
The bad news? He accepts his fate. How would you like to be his wife? Do you think his parents would be proud if they read that he didn't want to do the 'tough stuff'? Would you want to be one of his children knowing that your father cares more about his comfort zone than you getting a good start in life?
Would you want to be this guy's employer?
There's a science to fixing this, but first you have to want to fix it.


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