How NOT to hire a sales consultant

Poor Carole! She had to explain my reputation and attitude to another hot shot VP of sales that was set on conquering the world. There's a very simple rule to follow when you reach out to us.

Don't do the crap that your prospects do to your salespeople.

WTH am I talking about?

Don't lead with how much do we charge.

Don't ask us why we're different.

Don't tell us that your CEO wants you to gather information and bring it to him or her.

We know that your salespeople can't handle those questions and we're not gonna fix you until you pay us a crapload of money.

Can your salespeople handle:

  • We're talking with several vendors?
  • We're in the very early stages?
  • We've heard good things?
  • Do you have a payment plan?
  • Can I get a refund if it doesn't work?
  • Do you have an 'on demand' service?
  • I'm looking for this and this, but not those?
  • Prospects that lie?
  • Prospects that are sugar sweet?
  • Prospects that know what they want?
  • Prospects that say money is no object?
  • Aggressive prospects?
  • Know-it-alls?
  • Prospects that have been through the process before?
  • Prospects that go silent (or hide)?
  • A prospect that asks for past successes?
  • A prospect that wants a discount?
  • A prospect that misses a deadline?
  • A prospect that won't answer questions?
  • A prospect that's late or doesn't show at all?

Here's the deal. As you're playing your stupid prospect games with me, I'm making my 'to-fix' list and raising my price. At some point, I'm gonna ask some version of, "When are you gonna stop playing these games and ask us to help." If you continue to play games, we won't work together.

Carole is nicer than I am, but not much because she understands this.

Tired of the same old same old? Ready to change your life?

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