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Yesterday, I published "Becoming a Better Sales Manager". I apologize if you were one of the subscribers that received the notification, but were redirected to my "Page not found" page. You didn't miss anything. It wasn't a good article. I didn't get any complaints or comments, I just realized that it did not make the world better.

Hopefully, this one will make you money if you are a sales manager or a CEO or owner with a sales manager.

On Monday, a sales manager asked if we had any  go-to articles about active listening. Of course we did and we shared them, but then I asked what was going on. Apparently, his rep was so focused on executing the playbook, that they didn't truly listen to the prospect and consequently, often talked in circles which frustrated the prospect and caused the sale to go South.

The Unbound Growth Coaching Playbook teaches us to ask "Does this rep know what to do?" This rep knew the playbook and knew to listen. We also ask, "Can/will they do it? Is their Sales DNA supportive?" In this case, the rep has not been evaluated, but my experience suggests that they might have an issue with controlling their emotions, ignoring self talk and staying in the moment. This sales manager is a sharp guy and has worked with hundreds of salespeople, but he hasn't seen as many sales evaluations come true as we have.

Remember this sales manager? He went from worried about hitting his team quota to every member of his team exceeding their individual quotas making his team the top team in the company. How? He (and we) focused on what his reps' indicated that their goals were when they took their sales evaluations. Why do some reps miss quota and others set company records?

One last thing. Can you keep your people's head in the game long enough for them to get lucky? Do you know what's keeping their head from being in the game? Sometimes we're lucky. Sometimes we're experienced, but we've always got the data that we need to help.

This is the report that we use as the backbone of developing a sales team.

SEIA cover.jpg

In the old days, we used to call on CEOs and owners and convince them that they needed to evaluate their entire sales team including the sales managers. Then, EVERYBODY needed training. Respectfully, CEOs tend to be somewhat removed from the day to day issues of the front line sales team. However, the sales managers that we've been talking to want to be able to help the members of their team get better. One sales manager said, I don’t want my team to become the collateral damage of my shortcomings.”

Today's sales managers are sharp and it's these sales managers that get the kind of results that I've mentioned in 3 months or less. Look at your comp plan. How much more would you earn if your team sold 20%, 30% or 50% more than they're selling today? What would you do if you earned $50-$100K more than you do?

If you're reading this and you're a CEO, what would you say if your sales manager proposed that he/she wanted to invest $15-$20K into growing his team? Would you reimburse him/her if they increased sales by 50%?

You can request samples of our OMG assessments.

You can answer 22 yes or no questions about the effectiveness of your sales team.

Or. if you want, you can learn how to make your salespeople great.

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