Sales Newbie to Sales Ninja: The Path

This isn't about me, but I've seen it a gazillion times.

Please understand that this is anecdotal observation rather than a proven plan.

It started when I re-read Arjun's article this morning. Arjun wrote,

"My coach, Rick Roberge, is prolific in the sales training arena and has trained several people I respect – Pete Caputa, Jeetu Mahtani and, at least implicitly, HubSpot’s own Sales SVP and Rick's son, Mark Roberge." (Read the whole article)

Last week, Carole and I had a guy reach out to say that Greg Brown told him that he had worked with me and the new guy was hoping that we could turn him into a rock star like Greg Brown.

Now, the actual seed for this article started when I read Jill Konrath's post this morning. I forwarded Jill's article to a current client who is realizing that he's thinking differently.

I'd say that almost every client that I've worked with has been personally introduced to me by an evangelist that has experienced "thinking differently" with me first hand or has read an article about somebody that's experienced the change.

Why? Because I think that my clients are the change they want to be.

So, if you want to be a sales ninja, ask someone that you believe is a sales ninja how they got to be that way and if they point you to us, check out Finally @UnboundGrowth Uncovered. If they point you elsewhere, start there.

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