Salespeople Are the Problem

What do you mean "read more"? What more is there? Do you not believe that salespeople are the problem? OOhhh! Why are they the problem?

OK. Yesterday, I published Entrepreneurs Are The Problem. Before you ask, I'm not gonna go through a list of people that are problems (although I can think of a few politicians). Here's what I'm thinking.

The problem is unhappy customers. The problem is clients that leave before their time. I'm gonna share a true story, but before I do, I need you to read Carole Mahoney's article about a positive outlook. I need to use it as a back drop.

Here's the true story.

My client was 5 months into a six month retainer that my client wanted to renew, but the client wasn't delivering answers, content, approvals etc. in a timely manner. I told him how to get his client to behave and it worked, but I asked him why he wanted a client that wasn't behaving to renew. He wanted the money! 

At the six month mark, my client's client did not renew. Surprise! Here's the problem. My client thinks that his client decided not to renew that day and he wanted me to tell him how to change his client's mind. In reality, the decision not to renew may have been well thought out and made over a period of time. Here's what may have happened. Three months in, my client's client thought, "I'm working hard, but I'm not seeing it. Well, I'm in for six months, but let me start hedging my bets and if I don't see big improvements, no renewal." The reason that I had you read Carole's article is that I knew what my client's client was doing, but if I mention it, I'm being negative. When you've seen cause and effect enough times, it's not negativity, it's a data-based observation.

Let me offer three opinions.

  1. In today's world, nobody cares about what you want. Your client doesn't care if you want the money. Your market doesn't care if your plan is scalable or that you are incurring some risk. They care about their goals, dreams, obstacles, issues, family, religion, political party, affair, cause, yada, yada, yada.
  2. Nobody wants their mind changed. They are not open to suggestion. They don't want your help. They don't believe that they need your help to get what they want. If you make a suggestion, their reaction may be that you are meddling, trying to control them or some other reaction that you don't believe that you deserve because, after all, you were just trying to help.
  3. It's not about sales and it's not about marketing. It's about INBOUND. The person that receives the email or the phone call needs to be understanding, engaging, knowledgeable, business-minded, and be able to understand the relationship between the buyer's process and the ideal client's persona. Notice that I didn't mention your sales process, marketing funnel or pipeline stages. It's not about you. You don't have the right to share a thought until your prospect asks, "What do you think?" You don't have the right to suggest action until the prospect asks you, "What should I do?" You don't have the right to try to help until your prospect asks for help and when they ask anything, you need to be ready.

So, what do you think? Do you know how to get them to ask?

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