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Screenshot 2023-05-29 7.56.39 AMWe're not gonna use the word sales in this group because sales has many negative connotations by both buyers and sellers.  We'll learn how to not only listen, but hear what people say. Hearing leads to understanding. Listening, hearing and understanding leads to trust and when trust is present, we find truth and both sides can determine together whether there is a fit and how to get there.

RickGPT Users Group on LinkedIn is a private group. It's intended to be a 'safe' place for people that want to learn how to acquire and retain awesome customers that want to be evangelists and help you find more customers just like them. Ask RickGPT a question and one of the managers (sometimes more than one will reply with the answer. No long boring podcasts. Ask a real question and get an actionable answer 1:1.

In the near future (30-90 days), we'll add...

  • Group situational coaching by OMG expert sales professionals.
  • Small group meetups between members
  • 1:1 situational coaching by OMG expert sales professionals.
  • Instructions to get your personal Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Insights Report. OMG Partners have evaluated over 2 Million Salespeople since its inception. You will answer about 100 questions about what you do in situations with customers and prospects. Your answer will provide over 250 data points on your Sales Core Competencies. Those data points will be used to produce your Sales Insights Report. (Sample)
  • Benchmarking
    • Growth in the personal competencies of members over 3-6 months.
    • Comparisons of effectiveness of RickGPT vs AI.
    • Suggestions?

In the far future.... We'll see!

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