Does your sales training target the right competency?

Remember the last time that your reps attended a 'mandatory training' on a topic that most knew inside out? How do you spell "B-O-R-I-N-G" or "total waste of time"?

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Sales VP: How much did your sales force cost you this week?

So, today a rep that hired me to help him asked me, when should I introduce you to my CRO?  He wants me to convince his CRO to reimburse him for his ongoing coaching with me. He's the top rep in his company and he wants to stay that way. It's good to keep ahead of the competition, right? But, is the rep's head on straight?

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Do people read what you publish (Secret Sauce)

Do you publish to a blog or on LinkedIn? Have you ever been disappointed in the number of people that read and/or comment? Me too. Wanna know a secret?

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Professional Development Reimbursement

Do you have reps? Are they all awesome? Do you ever wonder about the ROI of outside help vs. internal training? Have you ever been asked to contribute to professional development? Have you dug into real life examples?

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"The Solution" vs. a solution

By now, you probably know that when I coach a rep, I use OMG to gain Insights into the rep's 21 Sales Core Competencies and that each competency may have more than a dozen components. One particular component can be a killer.

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3 Killer Money Mistakes Reps Make Every Day

It's not unusual for me to spend 10 - 20 hours/week coaching reps on recent or upcoming sales situations. Every day, I hear one or all of these.

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3/7 to 4/7 - The Proverbial Straw

March 7, 2021 to April 7, 2021 was a month of one significant event after another.

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Great Questions

Last week I spoke to a group about Consultative Selling. Not surprisingly, we started talking about the 17 attributes of Consultative Selling that we look for when we evaluate whether a sales candidate can and will sell consultatively.

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Anniversary Lesson

This should be short.

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Latest Rabbit Hole: AI & World Dominance

I talk with software reps and software users almost every day of my life. We typically talk about how they can improve their communication with prospects and customers and that often leads to how they can automate the process. That usually leads to a conversation about how the rep feels about receiving automated emails. Their answer is typically that they never see them because they're sent to their spam folder. So, I ask them what makes them think that the emails that they're sending using automation are getting through.

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