Your Monuments

Been thinking about my father, my grandfather, my uncle and their monuments.

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What Territory Does A Sales Rep Want To Work In? (Reverse Mind)

Do you sell to accounts or work on territories? Have you ever been disappointed in the number of managers that talk about your contacts and/or clients' names? Me too. Wanna know a secret?

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Topics: client retention, getting new customers

5 Steps To Booking A Meeting

Hello world! Please give a warm welcome to a brand new author, Pierre Le Pennec! Enjoy his first article and be ready. You will be seeing much more from him. Stay tuned!

Guess what happened today? Rick Roberge shared with me one of his RainMakerMaker secrets.

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Topics: Inbound Sales, prospecting

2023 - Focus on Entrepreneurial Growth

I have always hated Entrepreneurs, but not nearly as much as I love them.

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Changes to the Sales Rock Star Mentality

This one took a while...

I've been watching it happen, but it's been a busy few years.

Last week, my son posted a slide that really made it clear for me and I hope for you.

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RainMaker Maker or Deal Whisperer?

I considered an alternative title.

GNP, Fortune 500 or Quota Busters

We can decide later.

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OMG! You hired this guy?

How's that one, Joe?

I have three 'real time' things that I want to write about.

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Buyers Can Learn From 'Hank the Tank'

Have you been watching the news? Apparently, 'Hank the Tank' has been causing quite a ruckus in the Tahoe area.

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Olympics Thoughts on Presidents Day

We watched the Closing Ceremonies last night. Today is Presidents Day in the US. I have one call and I'm taking Elaine to Freeport later. So, I'm letting my mind wander as I'm drinking my coffee.

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Not #1 ... The "ONLY" Thing

So, as usual, something happened today that caused me to write this short article.

What is the ONE THING on a sales call, that if it happens,

  • EVERY wall will be taken down?
  • EVERY objection and obstacle will disappear?
  • Your prospect will try to SELL you on letting them buy?
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