12 Spots Available

The Program

It's all about having the right words delivered the right way at the right time. You'll have the opportunity to hear me do it, hear yourself do it and hear your associates do it. We learn by stretching and seeing different perspectives.

All registrants must be employed at the same company. So, tell your co-workers.

As soon as we have 12 registered, we'll book 12 one hour conference calls over the following four weeks (3/week). All 12 participants will be invited to each call. Four of the 12 will role play a real life situation on every call. The role plays will be limited to 15 minutes each and will be a debrief of a recent call, a prep role play for an upcoming call, a role play of how to work a trade show or networking event, or some other real life activity intended to sell something and make money.

We can also role play

  • how to get to the decision-maker.
  • how to get the real budget.
  • how to handle "I want to think about it".
  • how to negotiate or stop discounting altogether.
  • or any other objection that you've received.

Registrants may also submit prospect/client emails for editing. Emails will be handled in the order they're received and as time allows.

As soon as you register, you will take the Objective Management Group Entrepreneurial Sales Evaluation. The results will typically be provided to you within a business day.

Cost of the program is $1,250 and will be paid through PayPal. Your employer may reimburse you, but that's between you and them. This is a participation based program. Show up. Participate. Ask questions and learn. No graduation. No diploma. Just knowledge, skills and practice.

If you have questions or want to sign up, complete the form and we'll respond appropriately.

We can run a similar program concurrently for 4 sales managers with a focus on coaching reps. Use the form if you'd like to attend.

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