You are most likely here because you read something about the results that my clients have had or one of my clients steered you in my direction. If not, go away. You're not ready for a conversation with me. Perhaps do some research using the resources on this page.

OK. If you have done some research or heard some stories, let's get started.

Why are you here? It's not because you read something or a friend recommended that we talk. What was going on right before that? Were you complaining about the garbage in your pipeline or the crappy leads your company was generating? Were you worried about hitting your quota or reaching the goal that you and your spouse had agreed on? Were you concerned that you've been lowering your expectations or giving in? Have prospects been going dark after you give them pricing or a proposal? Did a deal fall through on the last day of the month even though the prospect assured you that it was a done deal? Are prospects not listening to you and not understanding what you're saying? Are they not seeing the value or not willing to commit the funds? Are they worried about their future?

Specifically, what was happening right before your friend said, "You should talk to Rick." or right before you typed your search terms into Google? That's where we start. Then, our conversation will take a logical progression that will uncover

  • where you were last year
  • where you are today
  • where you wanted to be
  • why you're not
  • what needs to change
  • what it will take.

When we finish, I'll ask you if we understand each other and what you're thinking.

If you're wondering what it would be like to work together, I'll explain how we will work together.

  • The 'magical' OMG evaluation. (Salesperson, Owner/Entrepreneur, Sales Manager/VP)
  • We talk multiple times per week about current, real life situations. Every conversation will focus on what's happening and how your sales core competencies are affecting the outcomes.
  • We'll work together for 3-6 months depending on how long it takes you to reach your goals.
  • Cost will be will be tied to performance and growth.

If you would like to speak, book a call.

If you have a question, use the form. Name and email are necessary, the rest are for your convenience.