Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - February 2014

As you probably know, I'm out and about, but I don't look for speaking gigs. I look for interesting conversations in the blogosphere and chime in if so moved. I found several conversations this month. Enjoy!

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How To Shorten Your Sales Cycle With Signals

How To Define Your Funnel Stages For Better Sales & Marketing Management

The Emergence Of The Salesperson 2.0

How to Write a Blog Post Every Single Day

7 Immutable Laws Of Sales Negotiation: Law #1

Why aren't more colleges doing this?

Goldman Sachs Foundation has committed $500M to train 50,000 small business owners

Good Sales Reps Sell, Great Sales Reps Tell Stories

Practicing Sales Is A 2-Part Process: Storytelling And Roleplaying

Without A Process, You Have No Idea What Your Sales Team Is Even Doing

How To Connect With More Inbound Leads: Persistence and Timing

Sales Heartbreakers: How to Use Breakup Emails to Attract Your Prospects

The Best Voicemail I Ever Received ... Was Just A Voicemail

A Sales & Marketing Love Story From LinkedIn & HubSpot [SlideShare]

Why Do People Start A Small Business?

If You Could Start Your Business Over What Would You Do Differently?

Are You Disciplined Enough For A Flexible Schedule In Small Business?


The Best Quotes From Oscar Wilde on Writing and Creativity

Three MANDATORY Changes to Mindset for Inbound Marketing Success

How To Ask Sensitive Sales Questions Without Upsetting Prospects

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