#1 Way to Kill a Sale

There are hundreds of ways to kill a sale. However, not all salespeople have the same #1 and unfortunately, some salespeople have several #1's. Today, they don't get to the decision-maker, tomorrow they talk too much and don't ask questions and the following day, they can't handle the prospect that wants to shop around or think about it. Sales managers (who may be dealing with their own stuff) often find themselves asking, "Didn't I tell you how to do that last week?" It's a real dilemma for everybody involved, the salesperson, their manager, and the VP or CEO as well as the prospects and customers. How's a buyer to know what's real?

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Have you found your 'Magic Bullet'?

I should warn you that I started this article a month ago, before spring had sprung.  Springtime has always been a time when salespeople wake up and realize that if they don't change something drastically, this year will be just like the others. Been busy with them.

So, we begin by setting the stage...

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Last quarter... Crushed or Busted? What now?

First day of 2Q19... How are you feeling? Ready for your best quarter ever? Worried that your pipeline is empty?

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