Top Skillsets of a Sales Manager

Most sales managers have an idea of the attributes and mindsets they are looking for in a sales rep, but have you ever considered what a sales rep is looking for in a sales manager? This list is not meant to be definitive or even ranked in order of importance, but is meant to suggest the mutual commitment that is necessary between a sales rep and their manager.

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The ONE word that KILLS sales

If you're a CEO, send this article to your sales managers. If you're a sales manager send it to your salespeople.

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Olympic Scoring and Sales

I was watching ice dancing last night and got curious about the scoring components. I Googled it and found a few sources. Then I started thinking sales.

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Sales Quants

Do you know or follow any sales scientists?

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Sales Managers' First and Biggest Mistake

So, what do you think? Accountability? Availability? Training? Coaching?

Maybe, but they're not usually the first mistake.

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Who is your next sales rock star?

This article is about exchanges that I had with three sales leaders in 2017.

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