The One That Got Away! (Sales Lessons from a Fisherman)

As you may know, I just spent a week with a fisherman. Jerry's actually a son, husband, father, teacher and many other things, but I only want to talk about the fisherman.

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It's Complicated

So, how did you spend Saturday evening? Here's mine. Elaine, Melissa, Nan, Jerry and I picked up a pile of pizzas at Pizza by Alex, a couple of bottles of wine and some beer and drove 28 minutes (according to Google maps) to share with Nancy and Craig. After we ate the pizza, we discussed the rest of the evening. As you might expect, we went in different directions. The girls, decided that they were gonna go to the piano bar at the Front Porch, a gay bar in Ogunquit and the guys decided to stay back, talk fishing, woodworking and business while watching a chick flick on TV.

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Do you hate Extroverts as much as I do?

You are not alone! I just received this email from HBR.

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Thoughts on @Dharmesh Shah and #Inbound13

I was one of the 5,000+ that crammed into the auditorium yesterday to listen to Dharmesh deliver his half of the keynote. I typically enjoy Dharmesh. I think it's because he appeals to my geeky introverted real self. I enjoyed the story that he told about humans and how their behaviors historically had been conditioned responses like when the telephone rings, we answer. He eventually wandered into the area of how B2B as well as B2C consumers shop and buy.

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A Sales Lesson from Google Search

If you used Google search today, you may have noticed that it's Erwin Schrödinger's birthday. Happy birthday, Erwin.

Erwin was a physicist that was awarded a Nobel Prize for writing something about a cat being alive and dead at the same time and it's impact on atomic theory. I tried to read about it but honestly, I don't have a clue. However, if really smart people say that he's smart, he's smart!

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Growing a Sales Producing Network

So, if you're keeping up, this is the third post that I'm writing to tease you into my September program. If you're not up to date, click Sales Comfort Zone and come back.

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#FF - Fun Friday Post - Sales Genius from Albert Einstein

Doesn't Einstein talk sales so much better than I?

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Sales Comfort Zone

So, have you read Recycling in Sales, yet? It was the first peek into my September program and can help you start doing business with someone that you've already met. I forgot to mention that one of the first things that I do with a client when I work with them is look at the opportunities that they've missed over the past year. We can always turn one of them into a customer.

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Recycling in Sales

I was reading "Don't Assume that Your Prospects Care About What You Do..." again yesterday. Again? Yes! Pete Caputa originally published the article on 4/15/13. I read it then and re-skimmed it yesterday. Why did I re-skim it?

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Small Business Sales Misconceptions

Have you ever been in a classroom, lecture hall, seminar or meeting room and wanted to ask the speaker a question, but didn't because you were afraid that it might be viewed as a stupid, inappropriate or silly question? Have you ever gone ahead and asked the question and had somebody (or several somebodys) tell you later that they were thinking the same question and they were glad that you asked it? I'm pretty normal and my attitude is that if I'm thinking it, most everybody in the room is thinking it. So, I ask the question. (Just like Horshack.)

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Myths and Mistakes by Inbound Marketers and Sales

How long have you known about Hubspot and Inbound Marketing?

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Engineers and Sales

Yesterday a sales engineer from Hubspot that I did not know asked me to connect on LinkedIn. So, I replied with my standard, “Do we know each other? Have we ever met or spoken?” I also forwarded his invitation to Pete Caputa and asked, “Good guy?”

Pete replied, “Yes. Very smart technically. Sales rep's like to bring him on calls. You can tell him that I said you guys should talk about how Sales Engineers should be better sales people then sales people are.”

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Which Sales Process Does Your Buyer Need?

Updated for the summer of 2020!

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