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Essential Tools

Do you use Google? Microsoft? Apple? iPhone? Android? Desktop? Laptop? Tablet? Car? Airline? Gym? How do you pick your tools?

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Sales Managers! Do you inspire or impose?

How often do you talk with your salespeople 1:1? How long do you talk with them? Do you talk to them or with them? What do you talk about?

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Sales Manager Intensive (Summer Session)

Will your sales manager(s) grow their salespeople this summer? How many of your salespeople will suffer through the dog days of summer hoping to hang on until the cooler weather in the fall brings good customers back? Do your sales have to slump this summer? Check out these two articles, the webinar and, if you want, the sales manager intensive.

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72 Traps That Could Cause Your Business to Fail

Yesterday, I updated my Owner Ollie article. Understand that "Owner Ollie" isn't my choice of terminology, nor is his description. I've worked with millennial founders, 30 somethings as well as business owners that were older than me and needed to be updated. My clients have been male, female, college educated and experienced tradespeople. Every one of them, professionals, consultants, distributors, agencies, value added resellers was really good at something, but the reason that we worked together wasn't what they were good at. It was always something else or a combination of something elses that they may not have known was an issue and didn't know there was a solution. In no particular order, here they are.

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How to Drive Your Best Prospects Away

This article is long overdue.

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