Prospects that "Go Dark"

Every day, somebody tells me, "We had a great conversation" or "They had huge pain" or "I did a great demo" and we established next steps, but they didn't follow through, they won't return my calls or they went dark.

Every freaking day!

Friday was no different.

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Case Study: Sales Probation to Promotion

Mauricio Suarez just finished his 4th month with us and just shared his story

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Sales Core Competencies

Three questions:

  1. Did somebody train or coach your salespeople today?
  2. Which of the 21 Core Competencies did today's training address and was it what needed to be addressed?
  3. Do they know what to do and can they do it?

I guess that's four questions, but we always ask #3 as one.

Are your salespeople extroverted? Persistent? Focused? Likeable? Intelligent? What else? Do you know which of the 21 Core Competencies they have and where they could improve?

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