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As Good As It Gets

   I've quoted this As Good As It Gets before, but never from this perspective.

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How to Scale: Young vs Old

I've talked to a few young-ish entrepreneurs lately that were interested in "picking my brain", "using me as a sounding board", and/or "my mentorship" so that they could scale their company. They don't typically talk about how they want to change their customer's world, or what's in it for me or anybody else that they want to help them. I emphasize the "young-ish", not because they're less experienced or intelligent than the old guys. Rather, because the old guys typically have one of two motivations....

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Fall Turn Around?

Is your year in? Will your pace to date get you where you need to be? Did the hot summer cause you to lose your stride? Is your pipeline empty or does it look like a loaf of stale bread? Does something need to change?

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Salespeople, Sales Leaders and Owner Ollies

You're probably sick of reading about Sales Core Competencies. How about pictures that compare 4 different salespeople?

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Cynics and Optimists

Have you been watching LinkedIn? You're gonna love this!

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Stop doing your prospects' job!

Seems like 100 years ago, but when I showed Pete Caputa how to get prospects to write their own proposals and he learned that they always said yes to their own proposals, he commented that it was a huge time saver.

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8 1 1 8


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Strong Salespeople vs Weak Salespeople.... Duh!

Dave Kurlan has been on a tear lately. He's been digging into the data from almost 2 million evaluations to find the combinations that allow strong salespeople to succeed and cause weak salespeople to struggle. As you read this article, you may notice a shift in my focus.

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#FF - Fun Friday Post - Adversarial Prospects

Sometimes you have to get creative when prospects are trying to trick you.

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Are you Aladdin? Do you need a Sales Genie?

What would you wish for?

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