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Politicians and Salespeople

I'm so far down this rabbit hole that I can't see daylight! I have so many questions.

We begin...

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Calling all Sales Managers and Sales VPs!

Kennebunkport just kicked off February is for Lovers. Last December, the town celebrated it's 38th Christmas Prelude. Theme months have turned this fishing town and summer time beach community and into a year round location for fun.

Feel free to check it out or ask me about it, but that's not what this is about.

If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed that in December I wrote about AI and your salespeople and which your customers prefer and which you should prefer. In January, I found myself writing about sales competencies and how not understanding them can really cause us to hire the wrong person or not be able to help the sales rep that needs help. I don't plan themes. They just land in front of me and this month is about you.

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ADHD and Sales Competency Statistics

I have a good relationship with many of my readers and although I don't allow public comments on this blog any more, I get a fair number of private comments via email. If you haven't tried it, all you have to do is reply to the email that notified you of this article and I'll get it.

OK. So, yesterday, I published OMG! You hired this guy? and one of my readers writes, "This link was in your post and I clicked it. It's been in a lot of your posts and emails, and I'm thinking it's important, but I don't know how. I get lost on this page. Is the page important?"

Absolutely! But there are 21 pages and each page has so much information, it's like drinking from a fire hose and even if you don't have ADHD, you'll feel like you do, but if you understand the different sections of the page and how they fit together, you may begin to understand what your salespeople really need.

As short and sweet as possible. Here we go.

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OMG! You hired this guy?

How's that one, Joe?

I have three 'real time' things that I want to write about.

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Marketing vs Sales vs Customer Success

Which of the three is killing you?

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Apology +

I published an article yesterday. I apologize. I re-read the article. It was a total rant. I unpublished it. Deleted it. Gone. Done. I apologize. This should be more productive.

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Sales Core Competencies of Artificial Intelligence

I've told several people that I'm glad that I'm not beginning my sales career today. I probably would have stayed the course that we picked in high school and became an engineer. I'll work another year, but it'll be interesting to see how many salespeople give up and figure out another way to make a living.

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My 3 Step Plan to Rock December

May I set this up with two recent short posts to LinkedIn.

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Can AI Do Your Job?

I was listening to the radio last week and heard an author talking about his book. He believes that one third of the jobs being done by humans today will be done by machines in 2030.

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Mark Roberge a la RainMaker Maker

A week ago, I asked my son, Mark, where the recording went that I referenced in this blog post. He replied that he didn't know, but that this was his latest work on the subject. Please don't think that I'm a bad father. I know that thousands of people had already watched the video and a whole bunch were there to watch it live, but I hadn't watched it. So, I did.

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