I got fired today and I'm pissed!

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Sales Coaching à la Pythagoras and My Dad

A few thousand people are warching a conversation on LinkedIn as to whether or not a sales coach or manager needs to listen to their salespeople live, listen to recorded sales calls or rely on the salesperson's memory and the coach's skill at getting to the truth.

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Sales Manager's ROI

Yesterday, I published "Becoming a Better Sales Manager". I apologize if you were one of the subscribers that received the notification, but were redirected to my "Page not found" page. You didn't miss anything. It wasn't a good article. I didn't get any complaints or comments, I just realized that it did not make the world better.

Hopefully, this one will make you money if you are a sales manager or a CEO or owner with a sales manager.

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More on Luck

Last week, Jesse Gonzales wrote 

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