Sales Rock Stars: Born This Way?

Lady Gaga sings, " My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars". 

What did your Mama tell you?
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#FF - Fun Friday Post - Blondes, Planet Fitness and More!

I absolutely guaranty that you will think, "Rick is a sick puppy!" at the end of this post, but please don't miss the lesson and the resource.

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Sales Lessons from Planet Fitness

I am 100 pounds heavier than I want to be.
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Closing Sales in March

What does your pipeline look like?

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Love, Hate, Sales, Marketing, Politics, Division and Unity

Last week, I read Kimberley Darling's article on the Hubspot blog. For some reason, as I read the opening paragraphs, I was reminded of a lesson from my mentor 35-ish years ago. Here's the story.

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What makes you "come alive"?

I was watching American Idol last night and one of the judges said that "Stars come alive on stage."

When do you come alive?

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Are You a Republican or a Democrat Rock Star?

This was orignally sent to me as a Republican/Democrat joke comparison, but does it resonate when I change a few words?

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Rick Roberge's Book - Free to Blog Subscribers!

Ricks_bookAre you going to write a book? What about? Are you expert enough? Is your ego big enough? Strong enough? Are you willing to promote it? What if people buy it, but don't read it? How many will you have to give away? What if the only one that buys it is your mother? These are all questions that I've asked myself multiple times.

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Potential What?

I promise. This won't be morbid. Every life has a timeline.
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