Coaching Questions

How do you grow your people? Do you sit them in a classroom and present on the topic of the day? Do you ask them for numbers and ask for more activity? Do you have weekly pipeline sessions where you talk about every opportunity in their pipeline? Do you debrief more often than weekly and how deep do you go?

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Can You? vs. Should You?

I typically ask prospective clients what they are trying to accomplish. I get all kinds of answers. Vague references ranging from an altruistic goal to world domination, paying off debt, providing for their family. Some show me their business plan that shows strong growth and scalability. How do we know if it's THE goal? How do we know if it's worth working for? How do we know when, how to start?

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#10 - Think and Share

If you've been following along, you'll know that this is the 10th step in my coaching process. You can catch up here.

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Sales Managers 7, 8, 9

If you haven't read my first three articles on the first 6 steps in my coaching process, you can catch up here.

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Things Sales Managers Should Do (cont.)

So, at this point, we've covered 5 of the 10 things that I do that sales managers should do if they want a team full of sales rock stars. A quick recap....

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