Free Sales Coaching Is Back!

Monday is a new sales week!

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Oh Yeah! We Hired a Sales Consultant

Greg Brown is one of the Sales Rock Stars over at Hubspot. One of the great things about hanging around with rock stars is that they ask much better questions about much more important stuff. Last week, he sent me a tweet. in which he asked, "Have you seen this series of articles? What do you think? 'How Our Sales Process Broke Down'". So, I read the article(s).

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Inbound Marketing for Dummies

Let's start with this short story about Ed Kleinman. Notice that the story is 5 years old, but I'm using it for two reasons. First, Ed's clients love him and even though he stopped working for Dave Kurlan a few months ago, his clients still find him. Second, he knows his stuff cold! He doesn't need the book. He is the book. He not only can quote the book, but he can tell you the page that the quote is on and he can show you how to do it and tweak you so that you can do it right.

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My Services Page

I was having a conversation with a consultant today about stuff and he said, "I went looking for your services page today and I couldn't find it. Can you point me in the right direction?" I replied, "Huh?" He said, "Yeah! You know, what you do for your clients. How you help them. What your services are. I've been thinking that I need to start thinking about that. So, I went looking for the page." 

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Closing Time Share Sales and Vacation Sales

I had a fun conversation today with Omar at Amazing Riviera. He had attended the interview with Mark and Matt a couple of weeks ago and he had a couple of questions regarding close rates and the difference between working inbound leads and more traditionally generated leads.

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Consultant Sales vs Salesperson Sales

If you look at the sales profession, you may begin to wonder if they're proud of what they do or if they're feel that it's necessary to disguise who they are. Look at their business cards and read their titles, advisor, consultant, expert, facilitator, account executive, account manager, anything but salesperson.

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Price vs. Value

I have several 'helping' conversations every day. One of the people that I spoke to this week mentioned a new service called Clarity. I poked around, then signed up and added a new module to my sidebar.

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The Magic of Listening

I originally had this scheduled for #FF-Fun Friday Post for tomorrow, but as I thought about it, if you do not understand the impact of listening, it is not funny. It is sad. Please get the lesson.

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Dharmesh and me

Sometimes I wonder why Dharmesh Shah isn't required reading for everybody. This is an excerpt from today's article, "9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People"

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Small Business, Startups & Lifestyle Business Sales

As you probably know by now, I really enjoyed doing the How to Close Inbound Leads interview last week with my sons because I've tweeted about it and written about it all last week. Today's question is a bit of a twist. Were you listening to the right person being interviewed?

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Closing Sales vs. Helping?

I hope that you find these real life stories interesting and I'm very interested in your comments and opinions as to what you believe is right.

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Inbound Marketing Agencies: Meet your Newest Client

On 4/18, I noticed that Robert Kelly had visited my profile on LinkedIn. So, I sent my standard inmail. He replied. We had a conversation. He was very interesting and I asked him to write the following article. Enjoy and I hope that it makes you rich!

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