Client Loyalty

Yesterday, I sent this email to a client.

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How do you know what you're capable of?

Top BDR in the company? Most over goal for the year in the company? Most MRR in a month in the history of the company? Top division in the company for the year? Probation to Promotion?

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Doctors, Salespeople and Hammers

What a week! I don't even know where to start. Let's start with an article that Mark Roberge socialized.

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SDRs, BDRs & Cold Calls

I wrote How to Fix Your Pipeline in August a few weeks ago. One of my 'sales leader' readers sent me a private comment. While I had his attention, I asked if he thought that I should write on any particular topic. He replied, "generating appointments through a cold calling SDR or BDR team is a common issue these days."

By all means, go read the other article, but get ready because I have several thoughts on cold calls.

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