Great Questions

Last week I spoke to a group about Consultative Selling. Not surprisingly, we started talking about the 17 attributes of Consultative Selling that we look for when we evaluate whether a sales candidate can and will sell consultatively.

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Anniversary Lesson

This should be short.

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Latest Rabbit Hole: AI & World Dominance

I talk with software reps and software users almost every day of my life. We typically talk about how they can improve their communication with prospects and customers and that often leads to how they can automate the process. That usually leads to a conversation about how the rep feels about receiving automated emails. Their answer is typically that they never see them because they're sent to their spam folder. So, I ask them what makes them think that the emails that they're sending using automation are getting through.

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You may have to read this twice

My alternative title was "You can't make this stuff up!"

I start most coaching calls with some version of what would you like to talk about?

Today, one of my reps said,

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