Zoom-Sitting Grandmothers

This could be a new Facebook Group!

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Quick, Time Sensitive 30 second Read

This has been quite a spring in the US and things are starting to turn around. This limited program was announced on social media and I'm sharing it with my subscribers. No fanfare. Feel free to share. 3 Days or when they're gone, they're gone.

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Is Your Profile Picture Helping or Hurting?

... and should you change it?

I changed my profile picture on my social platforms this week 

from Hawaiian Shirt Rick to Coronavirus Rick '

Why? (because you know that I have a reason)

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Coronavirus vs. You... and the Winner is...

Have you been watching all the sales experts give their 3 step plans on how to survive or thrive? The truth is that they're not wrong. Buy their book, software or webinar, but understand that if you don't get one thing first, you'll be wasting your time and money and you may not win against the Coronavirus.

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Yesterday's Impact on Me

Woke up yesterday to heavy rain, chilly temperatures and Day 49 of Quarantine. So, I started...

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