#FF - Fun Friday Post - Business/Sales Changes for the 21st Century

I just saw a survey about on line civility.

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Is Nurturing Necessary?

I was talking with a 'former' client today and she told me that another 'former' client had asked her if I was OK. She asked what he meant and he replied, "He seems a bit grouchy." She said, "Come on! That's Rick!"

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Hubspot's Greg Brown on "Selling To Decision Makers"

This is a very special article written by Greg Brown. Greg is Senior Enterprise Account Executive at HubSpot and according to every manager that he's worked with, it's almost embarrassing how badly he's always blown away his quotas. In his own words...

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How to Maximize Client Retention, Evangelism and Sales

How many clients do you have?

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AIDA - Creating Interest in Sales

Everyone has heard of the acronym AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action). It’s been around since the the turn of the 20th century when E. St. Elmo Lewis first described it. Over the years, many ‘experts’ have felt the need to modify, rename, or add to the basic steps, but seriously, do we really need a submarine version, a basebal version or an inbound marketing version? If a salesperson understands and follows the basics, they can do quite well.

So, taking a lesson from Star Wars, why start at the beginning when you can start in the middle? Let’s start with Interest. I know that the acronym means that we need to create interest within our client, but my question is, “Can you teach a salesperson how to be create interest?” Several years ago, I attended a conference in Rhode Island. One of the speakers reflected on advice that his father had given him as he set out to make his fortune. His father said,

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The Right Side of The Brain

Someone sent this email to me. I'm sharing it because I found it interesting. If you can't see the picture on your browser, send me an email and I'll forward the original email to you.
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Starting a New Sales Job (or Starting Over)

Yesterday, Pete Caputa’s article Sales People Can (and Should) Blog Too prompted me to make a rather long (for me) comment. I was simultaneously having a conversation on LinkedIn about some of the dumb stuff that we do and that resulted in this Homer Simpson-esque article titled 101 Sales/Marketing Mistakes (That I'm Never Gonna Make Again!). Then, this morning, Greg Brown posted an update to LinkedIn titled, 34 Must-Have Tools to Launch your Startup from Idea to Exit.

…and I found myself reflecting on the way I built my business and what I would do differently today. I also found myself thinking about all the Hubspot Partners that I’ve spoken with lately, whose prospects have built their businesses with cold calls (think hedge funds, telemarketers, time shares, credit card consolidators, etc.), networking/referrals (think CPA’s, lawyers, financial advisors, etc.) or trade shows (think home/garden contractors, banks, manufacturers, chamber/association members) and some claim that they do it all plus spend oodles of money on advertising and traditional marketing.

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101 Sales/Marketing Mistakes

The rest of the title is "That I'm Never Gonna Make Again!".

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Sales Leads Entitlement

I watched part of “Meet the Press” this weekend, and learned that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had said something like “…racial entitlement was difficult to undo”. It got me thinking about entitlement(s) in general.

Remember this scene and quote from "A Few Good Men"?

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Sales Leads

February was an eye-opener!

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