Baseball - Sales Analogy "Take the pitch"

Peter Rastello is an engineer turned Hubspot Partner, San Diegan turned Idahoan that I first met in 2010. We've been working together for about a month to find better clients. This story and lesson comes from him in his own words.

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Entrepreneurship Doesn't Equal Salesmanship

A few weeks ago I volunteered for a local event put on by Envision Maine, a non profit organization dedicated to promoting the next economy.

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What to Do When Your Sales Coach Is a Jerk

Have you ever worked with a jerk? Better yet, have you ever intentionally hired someone that acts like a  jerk?

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11 Words That Eliminate Competition and Increase Budget

True story....

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The five senses of success

Have you ever thought about the five senses and their impact on your success?

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My apology for deleted post

I was asked to delete " Should YOU Buy Hubspot (stock)?"

I did.

No questions please.

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