Last night, a couple of my sales rock stars were talking over drinks and they talked about me being extreme. They agreed that I was and I agree with them, but that's the difference between being 30 and being 60.

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Referrals, Happy Ears and Attention to Detail

Like most of my articles, this is real life from yesterday.

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Summertime Blues or $ummertime Green?

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Friends of Friends Can Be Prospects

I sent this email to a business owner today.

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Summers, Recessions and Business Growth

Remember grade school? First day back after Labor Day? First assignment was always, "How I spent my summer vacation...

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One thing all salespeople agree on....

I subscribe to the Huffington Post Morning Email.

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Could You Be the Next Sales Rock Star?

The biggest MRR month in the history of the company....

The biggest sale in the company....

BDR of the Year....

Most Over Quota for the Year....

Closed the sale against three competitors when we had the highest price and our normal margin....

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Ramin Assemi asks Rick Roberge about Emotional Involvement

I published #1 Sales Tool last week. A few hours later, I received this email.

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Bowe Bergdahl, The Triple Crown and Sales

What a great weekend! Two wine dinners and two 80 degree sunny beach days! Does it get better than that?

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Is Your CEO/Sales Manager Causing You to Fail?

Two things wrong with that title.

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#1 Sales Tool

Today's salespeople have a lot to do and a lot of options.

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