Intimidating Women, Sales Rock Stars and Me

I don't know how I get myself into these things, but here I am again.

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#FF - Fun Friday Post - Askholes

Put this under "Things to avoid in 2014".

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2014 Sales

If you're anything like the rest of the world, you're winding down on 2014, closing last minute deals, getting ready for family, maybe a little R&R before you start all over again in 2014.

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Five Reasons That I Get Your Reps to Sell More Than You Can

You don't care about your rep. Your only goal is to get them to hit quota. Everything revolves around filling the pipeline with leads. Nurturing and qualifying the leads and closing sales to get one step closer to making quota.

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#FF - Fun Friday Post - One Way to Test Your Status

A friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook along with the comment, "I really hope I can someday use this line and swap jerk for (deleted).".

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Using Twitter for Engagement

Today, I got this email.

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Blog Comments vs Blog Articles

I've actually written about the value of blog comments before.

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How to Sell an Inbound Lead in 30 Seconds

Several months ago, some dopey expert suggested that a rep's initial conversation with an inbound lead might start with, "Hi name, I was notified that you came to our website and recently downloaded (reference the conversion event). Do you remember doing that? Great! What were you looking for help with?"

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Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - November 2013

Pete Caputa once advised me to spend one third of my blogging time reading oth er blogs, one third of my blogging time commenting on other blogs and one third of my blogging time writing on my own blog. Lately, I've added another third. (Can I do that?) I've been writing for other blogs and publications. At first, it was seldom, but it's been happening so frequently lately, that it's cut into my writing for my own blog time. (I guess I couldn't add another third.) In case you're interested, this is where I've been in the past month.

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