Is it just me?

or is the world full of self proclaimed experts that don't know WTH they're talking about?

Six months ago, I wrote about the American Hustle and suggested that the #1 challenge for business people, consultants, salespeople is that they needed to overcome their prospect's fear of being hustled.

Yesterday, I wrote about the disconnect between Partners, VARs and Channel Account Reps.

I was catching up on some reading this morning. When I read an article about How to Stay Connected With Sales Reps Through a Layer of Management, I looked at the author's profile because I was sure that the author had never been a salesperson or managed Sales Reps Through a Layer of Management.

I was right.

Then I read another article and forwarded it to a friend asking, "does anybody else think that the author is pompous and often wrong?" My friend replied, "How could they be wrong? They have their MBA from MIT!"

I should mention that I don't mean to show disrespect to earning an MBA or MIT, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're right or that people won't question you or agree with you just to make you go away.

People don't want to be hustled.

If you're concerned about the world shortage of water, stop dumping out half empty plastic bottles of water.

If you're concerned about air pollution or mass transit, don't drive to the rally in a gas-guzzling SUV.

If you're concerned about people that are starving, stop cooking more than your family needs and if you do, eat the leftovers. Some people throw away more than other people have.

Practice what you preach. Be the change you want to see.

OK, let me get back on message. If you haven't already read  Partners, VARs and Channel Account Reps, and you are a partner, VAR or rep and you think there's a disconnect between you and the other, let's you, me and them get on the phone and see if we can turn it around.

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