#1 Most Important Piece of Content

Ripped from yesterday's group coaching call....

Trent shared this email prior to the call. (... means redacted.)

"OK, spoke with my prospect this morning.

Call went well in terms of flow but I didn't get to all my questions before he had to leave.

Here's an overview:
- Doesn't....
- Wants.....
- ..... is what he's after
- Currently has no idea how many.....
- He ask how do we .....
- Wants a suggested plan for .....
- He had to go but I said, "I may have some questions for you that will help me create a plan that's right for you.
He said no problem just email or call me, I'll send you whatever you need.
I didn't get to his compelling reason in time. So I'm wondering if it's appropriate to email him and
say: "What happens if you don't do anything? Just leave it as is."
Or, since he welcomed my follow-up I may send him a link to this article?"


Why is it awesome? Because those ten questions need to be answered? Because having the article shows the prospect that Trent has a process. Because sharing the article helps the prospect feel comfortable about following Trent's process. The prospect thinks, "This isn't some sales trick. This is how we figure it out." Trent's not a slick salesperson. He's a trusted advisor, a professional that's been through this before and knows how to help and just as important, is willing to help.

I have a similar document that let's my prospects know what makes a rock star candidate.

Carole and I have a similar list of questions about business growth.

Yes. We talk about using content to attract prospects to your funnel.

Yes. We talk about using content to nurture prospects through your funnel and into your pipeline.

That is how you use content to move hot prospects through your pipeline and convert them to sales.

Do you have your list of questions that every prospect needs to answer published, findable and sharable?

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