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Today's salespeople have a lot to do and a lot of options.

In the 70's, my mentor told me that his goal for me was that he would be able to drop me off on any street in America and I'd make money that day. I didn't need much. No phone. No car. Just me and something to sell.

Yesterday, I published an article that suggested changes that lead salespeople and business owners should make that will impact their sales immediately. (It's had a few reads and comments. You may want to check it out.) In the 'old days', I knocked on doors. I had some options, phone, referrals, wait for leads, but if I wanted to eat today, I knocked on doors.

So, here's my question. If you needed to sell something today, what would you do?

Then, this morning, I watched the morning shows while I did the treadmill. Three interesting stories....

A Japanese company has invented a robot with artificial intelligence that understands people's feelings. My immediate thought was, "What a great salesperson Pepper, the robot, will be. He/She'll understand the prospect's feelings, but not have any feelings of its own to get in the way of or distort the understanding. Teach the robot how to react to specific feelings and voila, a sales machine! No more need for approval or getting emotionally involved. Just understand and handle."

Another story was Channing Tatum on GMA who shared a piece of advice that his mentor had shared with him 10 years earlier. "It will take you 10 years to become an actor." Channing said that he gets it now. So, how many business owners read a book and think they're a salesperson?

Roseanne Barr was on the Today Show talking about her 'judge' role on "Last Comic Standing". She said that she wants a comic that "makes her lose it and laugh uncontrollable." That's what your prospect wants. They want to lose themselves in your understanding of them.

So, as you can see, my ADD took charge and I may not have fully developed any of these thoughts, but hopefully they'll make you think. As usual, you can ask a question or leave a comment below, use the contact me form if you want to be private or schedule a call if you'd rather tell me about it.

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