$1,000,000 in 2016? Get the fire hose!

Somebody new (Nick) booked a call on our Unbound Growth calendar on December 4th.
This was Nick's agenda.


Carole replied, "I'm curious about how you found us? Do we know any of the same people?"

This was Nick's reply, "Thanks Carol!  I have been doing Google searches for a “sales coach” and read the Huffington Post article that mentioned Rick".

I replied, "That article may go down as my all time favorite. 😁

I see that you downloaded my 100 best sales questions, but I don't see that you did much research on us. May I suggest that
will help for Tuesday."
Carole, Nick and I spoke for an hour at 8 AM on the 8th. During which we learned that Nick was earning about $300K/year on the average, but wanted to earn (earn, not sell) $1,000.000 in 2016. We exchanged a couple of emails between 11 and 7. Nick paid us at 8:09 PM.
Nick took the evaluation the next day. I ask that candidates read the evaluation three times over a week. Nick's reply, "Just finished the 3rd time…  most eye opening to me is that if I had known about these skill gaps/less effective approach about 4 years ago, many things could have been very different.  The great news is that I know this now and have an opportunity to grow and develop."
We've had seven calls in the past week. We've talked about emails, LinkedIn, opportunities, networking and Nick is doing everything that we ask.
Here's the difference between Nick and most people. They take a breath, drink from the fire hose, then do what we ask.
So, is $1,000,000 doable for you? What is? Are you holding yourself back? It starts here and here.

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