2 interesting lessons from last weekend

One from a movie and LinkedIn...

The other from the sermon in church.

Saturday night, Elaine and I watched a movie. Bradley Cooper's line was "I'm not who I thought I was and I'm terrified that I never will be." I immediately thought about some of the conversations that I've had lately and realized that some salespeople would relate. I started a poll on LinkedIn and learned something else.

Salespeople don't want to admit their shortcomings or fears.

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 11.34.38 AMThen on Sunday morning, Elaine and I attended (via Zoom) mass at a church that we've never attended before. There is one minute in the sermon that will Wow you. It starts at 27:40.

"We often define ourselves by our successes....when we are honest with ourselves, we usually define ourselves by our limitations. It's sometimes what we can't do that makes us 'less than' that somehow is going to be our downfall."

Could there be a relationship between the people that would not answer the poll on LinkedIn and those that are defining themselves by their successes.

I have two reputations. The people that realize during our first conversation that I need them to be honest with themselves usually become clients and are with me for life. The people that won't face their limitations call me unflattering names and go away.

2020 is a crazy year and a lot of people are terrified. If your sales are off and the sermon rang true and you'd like to ask a question or talk, start here.

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