5 Steps To Booking A Meeting

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Guess what happened today? Rick Roberge shared with me one of his RainMakerMaker secrets.

"Make cold calls until you can live on your referrals."

It's that simple!

But whom to talk to? What to talk about? Where to start? How to say Hello? Who should ask for a meeting?

You may want to answer these five questions to start prospecting like a sales rock star in the 21st century.

1. Whom to talk to?

There is a difference between looking for an apple and looking for a red apple, round, sweet, tasty, and tender to pick in a sunny meadow. What criteria could you use to be specific and contextual so you know precisely whom to talk to? We look for these eight commonalities that make a sales rock star candidate and remember that change happens. You can start with the first three questions at the bottom of this page.

2. What to talk about?

Did you know that French people can talk about the weather for hours? This situation is not ideal for business unless you work as a weather person. You want to solve a problem or fix something that will bring you and your customers more money, happiness, and success. What is your expertise? What does your buyer need? Use a Venn?

3. Where to start?

Good for you if you are used to picking a list of phone numbers and calling everyone. It works. Then, we live in a connected era, so you can find an online place to build your expertise publicly. LinkedIn can be a great place to start for content creators, but there are numerous platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and blogs. Using social media has the advantage that you can leverage a community to build a network and say hello.

4. How to say hello?

Imagine someone knocking at your door late in the evening. It's time to go to bed, but you hear: "Mister Salesman? It's Mister Buyer." Surprised, you come to the door, open it, and ask: "Good evening, Mister Buyer. I heard you knocking on the door and yelling my name. What brought you here?"

So, how to say hello? When you see someone visit your profile, blog, or place, just ask, "I noticed that you visited my profile on LinkedIn. What brought you by?"

5. Who should ask for a meeting?

Let me use the last setting to shape a conversation following Mister Buyer's visit to Mister Salesman's place.

  • Mister Buyer: "I heard about your red, round, sweet, tasty, and tender apples growing in a sunny meadow. I'd really like to eat one."
  • Mister Salesman: "Kind of you, Mister Buyer. But it's late, and I am going to sleep. What if you come back later this week?"
  • Mister Buyer: "I came today as your neighbor shared a post where you say you are running out of stock. When can I come back?"

I can think of more, but if your buyer books a meeting with you because he knows whom to talk to, what to talk about, where to start, and how to say hello, you will appreciate a good start.

Now, you may enjoy a dynamite conversation...

...but not the kind that blows up in your face!

This is the END, but if you want MORE, ask anything!

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