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Nicolai ArticleFor a long time, if you Googled "Rick Roberge", this was the only entry that you found that was me. Allison Chisolm interviewed me and wrote that article for the newsletter and I was just tickled that I was famous. Several years later, Dave Kurlan thanked me in the Acknowledgements when he published Baseline Selling and I thought that I was 'something else'! Then, in 2011, Paul Roetzer asked me if I would contribute to his upcoming book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint and I thought, "I have arrived." But, the truth is, not really. The world keeps moving.

Now, unlike my friends, I have no interest in writing a book, but as you may know, I've written a few blog articles. You can scroll through this blog and check out hundreds of articles at The Original RainMaker Maker Blog. Writing 200-500 word articles fits my normal attention span, but sometimes that's not enough words to completely develop an idea so that a reader can use it to grow sales. So, along the way, I've wriiten a few e-books.

The first was "Sales Anecdotes and Their Antidotes". Where I shared stories from real live coaching sessions. Recently, Blaine Moore made this e-book Kindle-ready and shared the link with me. I'll share it with you in a little bit. Since then, I've written "Stupid Human Tricks for Salespeople Using LinkedIn" and "3 Things You Can Do NOW to Get Sales in Two Weeks." I can tell you that my next e-book is a joint effort with 5 experts from around the country and will be titled "63 Must Do's That Will Maximize the ROI of Your Booth Investment". It will replicate the content that we deliver in our webinar on Monday, 2/11. If you want to attend, there are a few seats left. Click here for details and/or to register.

OK, what would you like me to write an ebook about? Cold calling? (I know. Funny.) How to change from an outbound salesperson to inbound? How to qualify and find budget? How to sell when there is no pain? How to leave voicemail messages that get you called back? How to end it for now? How to get a referral every time? How to start when someone fills out a form? You pick it. Make your suggestion in the comment section and I'll reply with a link to each of my past e-books. If you don't have a topic to suggest, but you want the e-books, just enter send me the ebooks and I will.

If you're shy and don't want to make a public comment, send me an email.

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