Now! Dammit!

I just re-read Frank Belzer's comment on my rudeness because I remembered that I wanted to reply to it. (Don't worry. He was very polite and I will be, too.)

So, I was thinking of an example that most people could relate to.

Parents, imagine this. You and your family are all in the front yard and you see your child pick up their bike, get on and start pedalling away as hard as they can. They're looking back at you saying that they're going over their friend's house, while at the same time a car is driving a little too fast for a neighborhood with kids and bikes and is on a collision course with your child.

Are you going to whisper, "Honey, watch where you're going." or are you gonna yell,


at the top of your lungs while you're running after the bike?

And when you reach your child and they say, "It's not polite to yell!" won't you reply, "You're alive and that's all that matters!!

Get it?

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