Who's Smarter, Jeremy Crane or Stephanie McLaughlin?

28 people registered to attend the inaugural SNHHUG last night. It was good to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends. Thank you Stephanie for inviting me.

The guest speaker, representing Hubspot, was Jeremy Crane. Jeremy started his presentation by saying that he wished he could program Hubspot so that if you hadn't written a blog post in a prescribed period of time, he'd like a pop-up to appear on your screen that reads, "You haven't written a blog post in x days. Do it now!" and he'd like to make the pop-up unmovable until you write a blog post.

OK. I get the point. Writing to your blog regularly is important.

His comments prompted Stephanie to explain how she explains the internet.

Imagine the internet as a library and every piece of information on the internet is a book and rather than using the Dewey Decimal System to find the "book" that you're looking for, you enter your search terms into the search box on Google.

Read that again! Isn't that cool? Every page of your blog or website is like a book and anybody can find that book and thus find you. Brilliant! Thank you, Stephanie!

Oh, the title....

Have you read, Starting a New Sales Job (or Starting Over)? In that article, I explain how I could start a business without a blog and grow a following on LinkedIn by commenting on other blogs. Last week, I had 100 visitors come to my blog from HBR.org. Why? Because 8 days ago, I added this comment to THEIR blog.

So, to expand on Stephanie's idea....

You don't even have to own the library!

Think about it. I wrote a book and left it in the HBR library and 100 people found me!

So, Jeremy or Stephanie?

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