Where Does Sales Responsibility Begin & End?

You're gonna think that I'm weird, but guess what I was thinking about today?

How would you like to be the person that sold the pressure cookers to the Marathon bombers?

Or the person that taught the 9/11 terrorists how to fly?

Have you ever had a Sandler guy quote Rule #20, "The bottom line of professional selling is going to the bank."?

It probably didn't happen, but what if the guy walks into the cookware store and says to the clerk, "I need to buy a bunch of pressure cookers." and the clerk asks, "How big?" or "What are you gonna do with them?"

What if the guy replied, "I need the biggest ones that you have because I need to fit explosives and BB's in them. So that I can blow up the Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day."?

Or what if you're selling flight lessons and the 9/11 guys say, "Oh no! We don't need to know how to land."

OK. I'm being extreme. Would you sell a defective product?

Would you sell your solution even though you knew that there was a better solution for this prospect?

Two more questions....

What if the potentially injured party was your sibling, parent or child rather than a starnger?

What if it wasn't you doing the selling, but you knew that someone else was gonna sell something that would hurt somebody?

Where does our responsibility begin and end?

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