Questions About Closing Inbound Leads

What kind of business are you?

What kind of salesperson are you?

Are there 100+ salespeople in your company or are you a solopreneur? Are your salespeople 20-somethings and always on their smart phones or have you been selling for 40 years and are trying to figure out Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging? Do you have a marketing staff or do you do all the marketing, all the selling, all the delivering, all the billing, plus take out the trash?

Next Tuesday, Bob Ruffolo at Impact Branding and Design will be interviewing my sons, Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales & Services at Hubspot and Matt Roberge, CEO and Founder of Salt Lake City Bookkeeping (a Hubspot customer) and myself in a live webinar format. He will be asking us questions about how we close inbound leads, what we do differently, and why? Questions like:

  1. How does the size of your business change the way you approach an inbound lead?
  2. There is a saying that you close on the first call. How does inbound marketing effect this notion? Does it assist in effectiveness of your first call?
  3. How does a business of your size track leads in the various levels of a sales funnel? Many small businesses struggle using a CRM as part of their sales and marketing alignment efforts. What advice would you give to help them get to the next level?
  4. What's the biggest mistake you see when sales reps are trying to transition from a more cold/outbound style of selling to an inbound style of selling?
  5. What advice would you give to get buy-in from the decision maker when the main contact is an influencer and your struggling to get to the decision maker?
  6. How do you handle a lead that is not educated enough to be sales ready? Do you send them back to marketing to nurture or does is the sales team responsible for the further education?
  7. What's the most important metric that you monitor for a business of your size?
  8. What are some tactics that you would use to help an opportunity pull the trigger when they're almost ready to close, but they're stalling?
Two things:

What question would you ask if you had the chance?

If you'd like to listen in live and/or hear the recording, register here.

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