Price vs. Value

I have several 'helping' conversations every day. One of the people that I spoke to this week mentioned a new service called Clarity. I poked around, then signed up and added a new module to my sidebar.

If you click on any of the links, you can check out my profile and explore their whole site. If you have any great ideas on how to use it, etc. please let me know.

Today, one of the people that I was talking with said, "Clarity looks interesting. I wonder how effective that will be. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford your 16.67 per minute fee!"

My reply was, "Regarding my fee... It's never a question of affording the fee. Rather, it comes down to can they afford NOT to pay it!" Here's my logic. If you bought an hour of my time and I helped you close a $10K sale, would that have been worth it? If we spread 10 hours out over a few weeks and it resulted in 4 new retainer clients, would that have been worth it?

If you make it about the number of hours, the hourly rate, and you, nobody will be able to afford you. If you make it about your client, their dreams, needs and compelling reasons to make change(s). Then help them figure out the consequences of doing nothing and the cost of those consequences, they can't be able to afford to not pay your fee.

Please, please, please get this into your head.

It's not about you. It's about them!

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