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I had a fun conversation today with Omar at Amazing Riviera. He had attended the interview with Mark and Matt a couple of weeks ago and he had a couple of questions regarding close rates and the difference between working inbound leads and more traditionally generated leads.

I'm sharing the same thing that I told him. If you want to increase your closing percentage, whether you're working inbound leads or traditionally acquired leads, you must stop making it about your stuff, your price and your process. You need to make it about your prospect's motivation, their timeline and their process.

Like I said, it was a fun conversation and I think that Omar is itching to change. I look forward the owner of his company calling me. After I hung up, I thought of two examples that I wanted to share with Omar, but also with you.

Elaine and I own a time share at a ski resort and have traded it for a tropical vacation for many years. A few years ago, both of her parents and my father were struggling health-wise and she and I were pretty busy with hospitals, rehabs, etc. All of a sudden, everybody stabilized and Elaine said, "It looks like everybody's gonna make it through the week. Let's go somewhere. So, she called RCI and said something like, "For the past couple of months, we've been dealing with.....It looks like everybody's stable and we're not gonna have any emergencies. Where can we go right now that's warm and relaxing?" A ten minute phone call and we were on our way to Mexico.

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A few years later, we had an ice storm in New England and we lost our power on December 11th. We got it back TEN DAYS LATER! We went to church and I wrote this post about the unexpected. Then Elaine called RCI. Told them about the ice storm. 10 days without power. Freezing weather. Showering at the high school or the office. Then she asked, "Where can we go that's warm?" Punta Cana!

Now think about it. If your customers called and told you their "WHY!", would price matter? Would you have to give them a "first call bonus"? Would there be any, "Let me think about its?" Slow down. Find out why? Why today? Why warm? Who with? Why them?" Something special? Tough day? What's going on in their life and how can you make it better.

As a reminder, I'll talk sales with anybody for 15 minutes, even if you're boring. Click here and pick a time.

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