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writers block2Usually, when I write an article for this blog, I turn my laptop on, start and an hour-ish later, I publish. I've started three articles in the past three days and deleted every one because I didn't like where it was going.

I'm not especially busy coaching or doing other billable work.

I'm still thinking, "That's blog-able." several times a day.

It's just that, after I get into it, I've found myself losing enthusiasm for the topic and I just figured out why.

As you may know, I write a monthly column for Sold Magazine titled Sales Anecdotes and their Antidotes. I actually had two articles in the most recent issue.

Page 44 - "Developing Confidence and Personal Motivation

Page 46 - "Developing Relationships and Their Impact on Your Influence

I've already submitted articles for the July - August issues. They're titled “Low Hanging Fruit” and “Evangelism”.

BTW, you can check out past issues and/or subscribe to Sold Magazine here.

OK. So, why is writing to my blog being impacted? The September issue of Sold Magazine is going to be all about Networking & Prospecting and I've committed to write the cover story. The deadline is August 5th. I've been thinking about the article for a couple of weeks and my guess is that even when I'm doing something else, like trying to write an article for my blog, the Networking & Prospecting article is occupying my mental bandwidth.

Mystery solved.

Two more things...

  1. If you want to read the article, use the link above to subscribe to Sold.
  2. If you want to learn how to Network & Prospect in the 21st Century like a Sales Rock Star, contact me and set up a call.

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