Myths and Mistakes by Inbound Marketers and Sales

Age of Mythology 9872How long have you known about Hubspot and Inbound Marketing?

Prior to that were you more focused on marketing or sales?

I started with those two questions because your focus typically affects your perspective at the time and your memory as time passes.

Remember when Halligan was telling people, "Inbound Marketing is ALL you need!"?

How about, "Inbound is easy! Solopreneurs and VSB owners can do it."?

Have you ever written a blog post that was gonna knock 'em dead and was gonna keep you busy for a year?

Don't get me wrong. I love Inbound. I try to do it. I recommend it and it's here to stay.

But seriously, since it's been invented, we've seen some crazy stuff.

What myth or mistake do you remember? Leave a comment.


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