#1 Most Important Sales Question

My Best Sales Questions post has been pretty popular and a lot of people have downloaded and started using the questions. That article, combined with my What Makes a Sales Rock Star Candidate? post, 4Q13 being imminent and 2014 inevitable has led to me having a bunch of conversations with salespeople and business owners that want to finish 2013 strong and make 2014 their best year ever.

I asked one of the business owners that I spoke to whether they'd started using signals yet and she replied, "OMG! No - it's fully stalkerville :)". Why wouldn't you want to know when people open your emails or click your links? This morning, a client asked me a question via email. I replied yes. I got 'signaled' that he had opened my reply. I immediately sent another email, "Signals just told me that you opened my email. Do you want to hire me to do....?". He immediately replied with, "Yes, I've been thinking about that...." Because I knew when he opened my email and replied immediately, we were able to have 3 exchanges in 43 minutes that moved our conversation to the next step.

Why would you not want to know when your email got opened?

Would you know what to do when you saw it get opened?

Would you do it?

Another scenario, not signals related. (Have you downloaded signals yet?)

I guarantee that some of the people looked at my list of 100 questions and at some point, read a question and said, "OMG, I could never ask that!" Why? Too intrusive? Too personal? Rude? None of my business? I know that readers think that because even when people pay me to coach them, at some point during the relationship, they say, "I can't do that!" Ask anybody that's worked with me. Everybody says it at some point. Now, here's the thing. Every one of those people that I've coached got over it because I pointed out why they didn't want to say/do it and helped them understand that the reason wasn't valid.

Would you want to know why you struggle?

Would you know how to overcome the struggle?

If you knew how to overcome the struggle, would you do what needed to be done?

So, back to the title. The #1 Most Important Sales Question is "Do you want to know?"

That's followed closely by "Do you know what to do?" and "Will you do it?"

So, go get signal. Then go get my questions and contact me if you want 4Q13 to be your best ever.

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