The Case of the Stubborn Salesperson

Recently, a marketing agency, who is also a Certified Hubspot Partner, a VAR and my client introduced one of their clients to me. I replied all and said that I'd follow his lead.

He replied, "My issue is a stubborn sales person who is stuck in the 1990s and is very reluctant to connect with a modern approach to marketing and the work we are doing with hubspot and social media etc. Hence we are not seeing the return for our efforts."

Sound familiar? Think about it. If a salesperson or a business owner was 30-40 in the 90's, they are 50-60 now. They may not be ready to retire, but the world has changed whether they like it or not. They are left with three choices. Work much harder doing what they know and get less results. Retire and go do something else. Adapt.

This was my reply to my client's client. "Unfortunately, it's very normal for good salespeople of old to be reluctant to change what has always worked for them. They've been in slumps and recovered using their tried and true process. They've built companies or led sales forces using that same process. They've gutted their way through recessions and life and their skill and experience will get them through this. I feel for him. However, whether we like it or not, buyers have changed the way they shop and buy and there are so many salespeople and business owners resisting or struggling with the transition that I write for them often. Here's a few examples.

Worcester Business Journal: Grow Sales With Social Media

Sold Magazine #24 Pp 65-67 Low Hanging Fruit

I've also written many articles for my blogs that might be appropriate."

Another issue may be that a 50-60 year old pro may not blindly accept advice from somebody who's just graduated from college and respectfully, SOME of those new grads don't know what they're talking about.

So, here's the deal. If you've been successful and have been struggling lately, but don't want to tell anybody. Tell me. As you can see, I've been there. I understand. We won't need a chainsaw. We'll use tweezers. Little changes. Huge results. Start now. Make 2014 awesome.

And if you're an MD or CEO and have somebody like this working for you, let's talk. Maybe we can help them have the best year of their life!


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