Do You Confront or Connive?

This post is not about me, but I'll share a couple of specific situations that gave me the idea.

I started a discussion in the Hubspot Partners Forum on LinkedIn about Is Reading and Writing Blogs a Waste of Time? Gary Slickman started his comment with,"Rick you are once again creating quite a "Hub-bub" with your thought provoking perspectives." Then he went on with an equally thought provoking comment. I started my reply with, "Gary, I don't mean to be a rabble-rouser......but it turns out that I have certain tendencies."

Recently, one of my evangelists suggested that one of his associates contact me for some coaching. The associate resisted and when asked, he shared that he didn't think that he could work with me because he didn't like me disagreeing with him on his blog.

OK, so first, let's talk about your co-workers. They ask you to help with a project that you don't believe in. What do you say? No. It's a stupid idea. I'm not wasting my time? or do you say, I'm a little busy, but let me see if I can move something around. Then when the time comes, you say that you couldn't move anything. Maybe next time? When it's flipped around, what do you do? When you're asking them for help, do you want them to refuse and tell you that they're never gonna help or do you want them to say "Maybe" and find an excuse to bail later?

confront ramsOK, now what if it's you're boss?

What if it's a customer or a prospect?

What if it's a family member?

As you think of each of these relationships, be sure to opine from both directions. In other words, will you confront your boss, customer, prospect or family member intially then connive to implement your own agenda? And, on the flip side, do you want your boss, customer, prospect or family member to tell you immediately and head on or do you want them to initially assent knowing that they'll connive for their agenda behind the scenes or at the final bell? If you want to share your thoughts in the comments, please do. If you'd prefer a private exchange, please use contact me.

***Funny side note: I originally wanted to show an image representing confront (above) and another representing connive. No matter which politician I chose, I'd have upset somebody. Please do your own search.***

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