Articles and Conversations on Sales and Selling - November 2013

Pete Caputa once advised me to spend one third of my blogging time reading oth er blogs, one third of my blogging time commenting on other blogs and one third of my blogging time writing on my own blog. Lately, I've added another third. (Can I do that?) I've been writing for other blogs and publications. At first, it was seldom, but it's been happening so frequently lately, that it's cut into my writing for my own blog time. (I guess I couldn't add another third.) In case you're interested, this is where I've been in the past month.

Sales Qualification Improves Close Rates [New Data]

How to Handle Unexpected Rejection From Your Prospect

The Benefits of Blogging: Why Businesses Do It, and You Should Too

How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be? 

Small Business Networking - Keeping It Fun

Red Light – Green Light and Baby Steps 

Recycling ABL

The Inbound Marketing Agency as a Change Agent

Ramblings, Paralysis By Analysis, Breaking The Rules

Your Prospect's Just Not That Into You

Timing and the Closed-Lost Opportunity

How to Master Non-Awkward, Effective In-Person Networking

What Not to Do at a Sales Conference

The Hidden High Value of Low-Value Customers

Three Things Your Accounts Receivable Can Tell You About Sales

How to Do Less Work But Earn More As an Entrepreneur

Reactions to my own sales assessment test

Death to the Marketing Agency of the Past

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