Recycling ABL

I agreed to do some group coaching. The way that it works is I schedule a 60 minute call and share the GTM link. 20+ salespeople join the call. 4-6 of those salespeople will submit an agenda that we will role play and work on for 10-15 minutes with everybody else listening. This past week, somebody asked what to do when somebody wasn't excited that you called (or worse). So, I role played the situation with me being the salesperson and him being the prospect. During the role play, I asked (in role), "Do you want me just to go away?" and we wrapped it up.

The next day, I got an email from Kimberly, "I’ve been using this line all day.  I LOVE IT.  It does catch people off guard, they laugh, and then they tell me why they were actually really hoping I would call and when I should call back. Thank you….nice little nugget of gold."

I replied, "Think you can turn that into a short blog post as a guest author for my blog? Why does it work?"

In her own words....

“Do you want me just to go away” 

I’ve been using this line all day in my prospecting calls and after several years of sales experience, I wish I had been introduced to this before (thanks Rick)…..  You call the prospect, you have obviously caught them in the middle of something, and you say “do you want me just to go away”.     

Why does it work?

I think it works because it is exactly the opposite of what they think you will say.  They assume you will either rush quickly to get in your pitch, or formally schedule some type of follow up call that they don’t even know the intent of.  Prospecting calls are in essence a form of marketing, and as a HubSpot veteran, I’ve learned that to be successful in marketing, means to be different to be remarkable.  This is different, thus, the goal of the call is accomplished.  You got their attention, you were different than all the other calls they received. 

I also,  think it makes people realize that you are a human first, just at a job, and you appreciate that you have ABSOLUTLEY no idea what type of day they were having or what exactly you have interrupted.  I think that buys you trust.

Let me add three things.

Kimberly is a 4 veteran at Hubspot and rumor has it that she cold called the vice president of sales so many times that he eventually had to hire her. If you haven't talked to anyone about Hubspot yet and you're looking to grow your business, you may want to start with her.

We actually had a conversation about ABL several years ago. Check it out here.

If you agree, disagree, or have a twist, this is how we grow. Please let Kimberly know in the comments.

One last thing, have you gotten your copy of

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