Five Reasons That I Get Your Reps to Sell More Than You Can

You don't care about your rep. Your only goal is to get them to hit quota. Everything revolves around filling the pipeline with leads. Nurturing and qualifying the leads and closing sales to get one step closer to making quota.

Before someone can be a client of mine, they must tell me their personally compelling reason for getting up in the morning. Sometimes I have to help them uncover it, but once we do, they'll drive the process. Their goal is always bigger than quota. So, we do whatever it takes to reach their goal and your quota is a non-factor.

You care too much about your rep. You probably sold your company as being a great place to work. You probably told them that you would help them. You probably told them that they would succeed. When they don't close a deal, you probably tell them that God Almighty couldn't have closed that customer. They were the worst!

Most of my clients have a pet name for me, most of which are not complimentary. I asked a client this morning why they hired me and where specifically do they think that they've improved since we started working together? (They're doing something really dumb.) If they don't get a sale, we find out what they did that they could have done differently.

You have regular pipeline reviews. You schedule weekly meetings to review their pipeline. They forgot. They don't remember. They made stuff up. What a total, irrelevant waste of time.

Every call with me is just in time to debrief a call within the past day or to strategize for a call within the next day. It's relevant. It's timely. It's fresh in their mind, not forgotten, not made up. By not scheduling long calls, I'm a lot more available. My clients can probably find a time with a few hours and they know that if they call, I'll answer and/or return the call shortly.

You only focus on behavior, tactics or techniques. Whatever it takes to close the sale and make quota. No matter how many times they make the same mistake, miss the same cue, forget the same 'move'.

Reps have baggage. The baggage gets in the way of them doing the right thing because their heart believes that the way the prospect is doing it is the same way that the rep would do it. That baggage needs to be unpacked, but the rep has to unpack it because it's keeping them from their goal, not your quota.

You'll give up on them. You'll feel bad for them, but your job is to hit quota, not develop strong sales reps. Even if you do try to develop them as a rep, you don't care if they are awesome at their next job. You want them to be good enough to hit quota every time, but not so good that they think they can sell anything.

A rock star rep needs to feel good about the way they sell because someday their child might ask, "Why did you do that?" and the answer can't be "because I needed to make quota." It's gotta be, "It was best for the world."

Two weeks left in 2013. Finish strong!

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