CTL +ALT+ DELETE Your Sales and Life

Robin and I don't always agree, but she posted "CTL +ALT+ DELETE, 2013 the "Year of Full Moons" is ovah! Bring it 2014!" to her Facebook page on New Year's Eve and it caused me to ask, "Should we "CTL +ALT+ DELETE" our life, sales process, and/or daily habits?

When I enter "CTL +ALT+ DELETE" on my laptop, I'm given the opportunity to look at my Task Manager, which allows me to see how many processes are running and the resources that they're using. That's the relevant point. I can look at every process and ask, "What's that?", "Why is it running?", "What is it doing?" and "Do I need it?"

Imagine if you could look at everything in your life and ask those questions?

Thank you Robin!

BTW, I published 124 blog articles in 2013. The top three posts got 10% of the views. In case you don't remember them or you'd like to share them, here they are in order.

  1. Starting a New Sales Job (or Starting Over)
  2. Is Reading and Writing Blogs a Waste of Time?
  3. My Best Sales Questions
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