Seven Social Suggestions for Sales

Yesterday, I wrote, 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Goals. It was OK, but it didn't do what I wanted it to. So, let me make seven specific suggestions that I do that will help you increase your social footprint, establish yourself as a thought leader, sell more and make you more money.

  1. Make 3-5 comments every day on blogs that your prospects read. Make the comments remarkable. Don't try to sell yourself or include links to your blog or landing pages. Your goal is to make the reader say, "That's brilliant! Who is this person?" I usually use my LinkedIn profile as the optional url, but also use @RainMakerMaker or
  2. In order to make 3-5 comments a day, you'll have to read 6-30 articles. If there's anything of value in the article, tweet that piece with a link to the article. Maybe something like, "Seriously? (the piece of value.) link to article." When I comment, I tweet the article with, "I commented on NO GIRLS ALLOWED!". BTW, I'm saying tweet, but I may also update my status at LinkedIn or Facebook or share it on Google+. Put it where your prospects are.
  3. Every day, send a relevant link to a client or prospect with this message. "Saw this article. Thought that it might be interesting to your network. Feel free to share by email, LinkedIn, Twitter."
  4. Every day, share a relevant link with your network that leads to one of your clients with this message. "One of my clients shared this with me. Thought that you and your network might find it useful."
  5. Touch your "A" clients every week, your "B" clients every month and your "C" clients every quarter. Remember, your "A" clients are your competitors "A" prospects. Your competitors are spamming, calling and otherwise trying to get a toehold. Don't let it happen!
  6. Boy ScoutsStop making the first move! Just stop! Find a way to be where you'll get noticed by the people that you want to notice you with what will get you noticed. When they notice, reach back. It's not a cold call. It's a reply to their notice. (You may need to read that again.)
  7. Stop counting passive BS. Track engagement. Followers, lurkers, and stalkers don't matter. Even loose LinkedIn connections don't matter. Give everyone that notices you the opportunity to engage with you. Have conversations. Stop selling. Start listening. Help if you can. Refer if you can't. Get known for being the person that knows who can help.
I can make cold calls. I choose not to. I can spam. I choose not to. I can talk about me. I choose not to. Everything that you need to know is in the screenshot.
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